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We would transform you and improve your mental and professional competence which are essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative economy 

School improvement plans/ School audit/School set up

Get the best educational strategy and in your school.

Pedagogical teacher training and Mentoring

Upgrade your teachers performance and your schools standard is upgraded.


Training on introduction to the Cambridge curriculum

You can have the best standards, operating in any school and any part of the world.

Teacher empowerment training

Empower your staffs with materials and courses that yield more productivity.

New Staff orientation training

Ensure your staff have a full understanding of their recruitment and expectations.

ECD (Early Childhood development) Training

Train Your teachers on how to manage child education the 21st century way.


Africa’s greatest need is ethical and entrepreneurial leadership. Too often, we only invest in addressing the symptoms of poor leadership in Africa. Africa needs to develop leaders who prevent wars, entrepreneurs who create jobs, innovators that develop lasting solutions to the root causes of Africa’s problems. Our trainings aim’s to develop Innovators, solution drivers, critical thinkers, global leaders and Leaders who are creator.

ESOL Certification Course

The ESOL course is designed to enhance your English skills, allowing one to study other academic courses which are taught in English.  The course objective is to prepare foreign language students for study in English language at Higher Education Institutions. Usually students who study this course will have the intention to go on and study for degree programmes like BA, BSc or MBA. 

  • Covering key areas of English grammar, the new interactive ESOL course helps you develop the core foundations to support you in your TEFL or TESOL examinations. Developed by experts in the English Language, the courses pedagogy approach together with audio clips helps explain key fundamental concepts of the English language. Students also have access to online tutors and an online social forum, where students can interact with each other and practice their new English skills.
  • Start you off on a highly rewarding career path. As a TESOL qualified teacher, you will have access to thousands of schools around the world

Benefits for Foreigners who's first Language is not English

  1. ESOL classes help all immigrants improve their English
  2. ESOL classes help immigrants to find work abroad
  3. ESOL classes help students cope with native speakers 4
  4. ESOL classes teach about the opportunities, rights and responsibilities of living in your new environment
  5. ESOL classes provide an environment to teach about racial tolerance and multiculturalism
  6. ESOL classes contribute to the alleviation of poverty
  7. ESOL classes contribute to the growth of the economy
  8. ESOL classes contribute to the alleviation of unemployment
  9. ESOL classes help in the understanding human rights in action and its demonstration
  10. ESOL classes demonstrate support for social cohesion

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